General Outline of the Academic Society

1DConvene National Conferences

The National Conference is held for a scheduled two day period once a year by rotating the host venue university. For the selection of convening the National Conference, the Program Committee organizes to decide such items as the theme of the common topics and the National Conference Program and the host institution manages the conference. Furthermore, the society sets up timely commemorative speeches, special lectures and special reports and so on.

Backdrop of National Conferences
Theme Place of Meeting
34th Annual National Conference
June 2018 Life and economy in a declining population society Gifu University (Gifu)
33nd Annual National Conference
June 2017 Refurbishing a Conception of gLifeh in Household Economics
|conceiving glifeh from an eschatological perspective|
Tohoku Fukushi University (Sendai)
32nd Annual National Conference
June 2016 Rational choices in consumption with consumer education perspectives Prefectural University of Hiroshima (Hiroshima)
31st Annual National Conference
June 2015 Influences of Abenomics on the circumstances Otemon Gakuin University (Osaka)
30th Annual National Conference
June 2014 Regional Development and Local Industry Nagasaki University, Katafuchi Campus (Nagasaki)
29th Annual National Conference June 2013 The Concept of Social Security that Aims at Local Rejuvenation Hokuno Kenpo Kaikan (Sapporo)
28th Annual National Conference June 2012 Aiming for a Secure and Sustainable Society Meiji University (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo)
27th Annual National Conference June 2011 Administration of Consumer Affairs and Household Economics Meijo University (Nagoya)
26th Annual National Conference June 2010 Future Preference of Social Security From a Regional Perspective and Long-Term Ideals of a System Tohoku Fukushi University (Sendai)
25th Annual National Conference June 2009 Regional Economy and Reassurance of Ordinary Citizens Okayama Shoka Daigaku (Okayama)
24th Annual National Conference June 2008 Having a Thought about the Unequal Society Kwansei University (Nishinomiya)
23rd Annual National Conference June 2007 Considering the Affluence of Life Okinawa Seinen Kaikan (Naha)

2DConvening Regional Conferences

There are seven regional conferences which are Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto (Kanto and the Shinetsu region), Chubu (Tokai and the Hokuriku region), Kansai, Chugoku and Shikoku and Kyushu (Kyushu and the Okinawa region). The Regional Conference is held once or twice a year and each regional society sets up special speeches, individual research presentations and so on.

3DPublication of Journal

The academic journal, gJournal of Personal Finance and Economics,h is published twice a year.

Back issues

4D Award Noted Achievements

Every year the Japan Society of Household Economics Award, the Commendation Book Award and the Prize for Encouragement is bestowed to members with excellent research achievements. In addition, a Special Achievement Award is set up to reward members for distinguished achievement and service.

5D Convene Assigned Board Meetings

Assigned Board Meetings are held when the Chairman deems they are necessary and items concerning the academic societyfs affairs will be deliberated on.

6D Convene General Meetings

General Meetings are usually convened once a year at the same time of the National Conference. Changes to bylaws, appointments and removals, budgets and account settlement and other important items for the management of this academic society are decided with approval of the majority of members who are in attendance.

Foundation and Purpose of the Academic Society
General Outline of the Academic Society

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