Foundation and Purpose of the Academic Society

The Japan Society of Household Economics is a relatively new academic society that was formed through the inaugural meeting on April 27, 1985 that actively operates as an academic society researching the various problem of the economic lives of individuals (and households) in an interdisciplinary manner from the point of view of the public and ordinary citizens. The members number about 750. This society is associated with@the Science Council of Japan(Economic Policy Research Liaison Committee).

The mission of the Japan Society of Household Economics is to research the various problems listed below that confront the public and ordinary citizens and to contribute to the improvement and fulfillment of the entire economic life of ordinary citizens (households).

First and foremost, is to shed light on whatever issues there are on achieving a comfortable and affluent life. Our nation is an economic and exporting superpower, however we cannot say that it is a lifestyle superpower. Therefore, there is a need to research many issues in order for the realization of a society that places a premium on the public and ordinary citizens.

Secondly, issues such as pensions, medical care, nursing care, employment opportunities, and social inclusion accompanied by a rapidly aging society and one with fewer children are gaining prominent attention. There is a need to research the whole concept and such on burden sharing of the self-help endeavors of individuals and public social security social costs of intergenerational burden sharing associated with the aging population and falling birthrate.

Thirdly, the advent of a long-lived society calls for a lifelong living plan (life plan design) that is relative to all individuals and households. It is essential to research such whole concepts as housing, savings, insurance, private pensions and personal finance (individual asset management and borrowing).

Fourth, in accordance with the information age and globalization, Japanese style corporate governance and employment contracts are undergoing change. Furthermore, the standardization and individualization of household consumption and lifestyles is undergoing a parallel evolution. There is a need to analyze these influences on individuals (and households).

The Japan Society of Household Economics is an academic society that aims to emphasize the ever underlying natural balance between the natural environment and human beings along with attaching importance to efficiency, fairness, safety, peace of mind and freedom in society through analyzing the various problems of today like the above-mentioned.

Foundation and Purpose of the Academic Society
General Outline of the Academic Society

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